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We currently provide feeds of our low-cost airline and route news by RSS. Subscribing by RSS is the easiest and fastest way to keep up with the latest budget airline developments. You'll receive the entire news stories as they are posted, to be sure that you're the first to hear about them. Help! What is RSS? Why do I want it?

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If you already have a preferred method of reading RSS feeds, subscribe using one of these links. The plain feed link can be used in non-web based RSS aggregators.

What is RSS and how does it work?

RSS is a standard file format which is used to syndicate web content, such as news. It is popular amongst the mainstream media, who mostly make their news headlines available as 'feeds'. Using the feeds they supply, you can read the news headlines of all your favourite sites in a single place - it means you save time and effort browsing sites, and that you can be sure you read the news first.

RSS is now implemented in many programs, and can also be read using web-based services. If you are new to RSS, we recommend a web-based service such as Bloglines - here you can just enter the web addresses of your favourite news sites (with RSS feeds available) and Bloglines will discover the feeds, automatically adding them to your profile. Every time you visit, they will show you the most recent headlines for the web sites you have subscribed to. It's easy, and it means you can be in control of what you read, and when you read it. The icons above represent different web-based RSS readers - why not pick one (just click the icon and follow the sign-up instructions) and have a go?

Still not convinced that RSS is for you? It is also possible to subscribe to our news updates by e-mail. You can specify when you'd like to receive notification of new news items (daily or weekly), and how you'd like to receive them.