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October 27th, 2011

Karlsruhe-Baden will be Ryanair’s next hub

Karlsruhe-Baden is to become Ryanair‘s next hub airport from March 2012. They are to add routes from Karlsruhe-Baden to Arrecife, Faro, Las Palmas, Palma, Riga, Tenerife (Sur), Thessaloniki, Vilnius, Zadar and Malaga. They will base two aircraft at the airport and will operate a total of 20 routes.

September 3rd, 2009

Norwegian add new routes from Copenhagen and Stockholm

Norwegian Air Shuttle have put 7 new routes on sale from their Stockholm (Arlanda) and Copenhagen bases for the winter 09/10 season. This winter they will operate flights from Copenhagen to Barcelona, Geneva and Salzburg. They will also open routes from Stockholm (Arlanda) to Barcelona, Geneva, Salzburg and Tenerife (Sur). The winter routes are available to book at www.norwegian.no.

August 30th, 2009

Jet2 adds East Midlands base

Jet2 – the low-cost airline which is known for having bases in the north of England and Edinburgh will open a base at East Midlands next year. From 20 May 2010 they will add seven routes from East Midlands including Arrecife, Tenerife (Sur), Corfu, Heraklion, Paphos, Sharm El Sheikh and Dalaman. Tickets are on sale for next year now at www.jet2.com.

Ryanair expands Edinburgh base

Ryanair will expand their operation at Edinburgh this winter with their announcement to launch eight new routes. From November 2009 they will fly from Edinburgh to Girona, Las Palmas, Arrecife, Tenerife (Sur), Brussels (Charleroi), Gdansk, Oslo (Torp) and Memmingen.

July 31st, 2009

Ryanair launches 39 new Canary Island routes

Ryanair have placed 39 new routes on sale from various European hubs to the Canary Islands. From October 2009 they will begin new flights to Las Palmas, Arrecife and Tenerife (Sur) from Girona, Birmingham, Bournemouth, Bristol, Brussels (Charleroi), Dublin, Weeze, East Midlands, Frankfurt (Hahn), Glasgow (Prestwick), Liverpool, London (Luton), London (Stansted), Madrid, Oporto and Shannon.

April 6th, 2009

Winter Tenerife flights from Belfast with Jet2

Jet2 have put some new flights from their Belfast (International) base to Tenerife (Sur) on sale for the 2009/10 winter season. They are due to operate weekly flights on this route from 26 October 2009 until May 2010. Tickets are available to purchase already at

November 20th, 2008

Transavia to open Copenhagen base

Transavia, the Dutch low-cost airline, have announced that they will open a base at Copenhagen, in place of the recent bankrupted Danish airline Sterling. From 08 December 2008 they will operate 10 routes from Copenhagen including flights to Malaga, Alicante, Arrecife, Las Palmas, Tenerife (Sur), Faro, Rome (Fiumicino), Nice, Salzburg and Innsbruck.

All of these flights are available to book now at www.transavia.com.

July 30th, 2008

Ryanair expands at Weeze

Ryanair will expand their operation at Weeze airport (or Dusseldorf as they like to call it) this winter. From 27 October 2008 they will begin flying from Weeze to Birmingham, Manchester, Dublin, Tenerife (Sur), Santander, Faro, Ancona, Oslo (Torp), Gothenburg (Saeve) and Riga.

June 7th, 2008

New Air Berlin routes to Tenerife and Paris

Air Berlin have put on sale flights, operating immediately until the end of the summer season, from Erfurt to Tenerife (Sur). They have also put a new route on sale from their Berlin (Tegel) base to Paris (Orly), which begins on 01 November 2008. Both routes can be booked now at www.airberlin.com.

Massive additions to Ryanair winter flight schedule

Although Ryanair have made it known that they intend to ground some of their fleet this winter due to the high cost of oil, they have just announced details of 40 new routes that they will begin flying this winter. The new routes begin from the end of October 2008, and include:

May 31st, 2008

14 new Ryanair routes this autumn

Ryanair will begin flying 14 new routes for the winter season, beginning on 27 October 2008. These new routes include:

January 1st, 2008

easyJet to expand at Gatwick and Manchester

easyJet have put 23 new routes on sale from their London (Gatwick) base, and have also put their first flights on sale from Manchester. This additional capacity comes largely from consolidating their recent purchase of GB Airways, and includes a number of former GB routes. The new routes from Gatwick include flights to Ajaccio, Bastia, Arrecife, Tenerife (Sur), Las Palmas, Funchal, Gibraltar, Malta, Montpellier, Nantes, Paphos, Rhodos, Heraklion and Mykonos. They also include flights to Dalaman (Turkey), Hurghada and Sharm El Sheikh (Egypt).

From the end of March 2008, easyJet will begin flights from Manchester. These will include flights to Innsbruck, Heraklion, Malta, Paphos and Tenerife (Sur).

November 15th, 2007

Paris to the Canary Islands with Transavia

Transavia have put two weekly winter flights on sale from their Paris (Orly) base to the Canary Islands. From mid-December 2007, they will fly from Paris (Orly) to Las Palmas and Tenerife (Sur) for the winter season. These flights are available to book now at www.transavia.com.

September 16th, 2007

New Ryanair flights from November

Ryanair have made five new routes available which will commence flying in November 2007. These include flights from Frankfurt (Hahn) to Tenerife (Sur) and Fuerteventura, from London (Stansted) to Belfast (City), from London (Luton) to Kerry and from Krakow to Milan (Orio al Serio). These flights are available to book now.

July 26th, 2007

Ryanair to fly from Belfast City

Ryanair have put a number of new routes on sale, including flights from Belfast (City). From the end of October 2007, they will begin flying to Belfast (City) from East Midlands, Liverpool and Glasgow (Prestwick).

They have also put flights on sale from Bristol to Turin, from East Midlands to Grenoble, Poznan, Szczecin and Tenerife (Sur), from Liverpool to Budapest, Bydgoszcz, Fuerteventura, Grenoble, Lodz, Szczecin and Tenerife (Sur), and from Glasgow (Prestwick) to Grenoble, Budapest and Kaunas.

May 25th, 2007

Jet2 winter sun destinations on sale

Jet2 have just put part of their 2007 winter timetable on sale. This includes flights from Leeds Bradford to Arrecife and Las Palmas, from Manchester to Las Palmas, Tenerife (Sur) and Arrecife, from Newcastle to Arrecife and Las Palmas, from Belfast (International) to Tenerife (Sur) and Las Palmas and from Blackpool to Tenerife (Sur). The timetable comes into effect from the end of October.

May 15th, 2007

Norwegian winter flights to the Canary Islands

Norwegian Air Shuttle will begin flying from their Oslo (International) base to Tenerife (Sur) and Las Palmas this winter. They will begin flying (weekly and twice weekly respectively) from 27 October 2007. Flights can be booked at www.norwegian.no.

June 29th, 2006

Tenerife connections from Aberdeen and Durham with FlyGlobespan

FlyGlobespan will begin weekly scheduled flights from Aberdeen and Durham Tees Valley to Tenerife from mid-November 2006.

These are the first routes for FlyGlobespan from Aberdeen or Durham Tees Valley.

June 20th, 2006

Air Berlin make Zurich a new hub

Air Berlin, recently voted “best low-cost airline in the world” in a survey by Skytrax, will launch 5 new routes from Zurich on 04 November 2006. The new routes to Spain and Madeira include Arrecife, Fuerteventura, Las Palmas, Tenerife and Funchal.

Air Berlin will become the 2nd largest operator of routes at Zurich. These new routes can already be booked at www.airberlin.com.

June 5th, 2006

New Manchester to Tenerife link from Jet2

Jet2 will operate a route from their base at Manchester to Tenerife this winter. They will begin flying 3 times per week from 31 October 2006.

May 10th, 2006

FlyGlobespan winter route to Tenerife from Edinburgh

FlyGlobespan have put more of their winter 06/07 timetable on sale, including a route from Edinburgh to Tenerife. Flights are available from November 2006.

May 8th, 2006

FlyGlobespan from Liverpool to Tenerife

While fellow Scottish low-cost airline Air Scotland have recently established a large presence at Manchester, FlyGlobespan have announced that they will fly from Liverpool to Tenerife this winter.

FlyGlobespan will fly daily, from 03 November, between Liverpool and Tenerife. They have also started selling tickets for a number of their existing routes for the winter 06/07 season.

February 15th, 2006

Monarch Scheduled adds Tenerife connection

Monarch Scheduled will fly from London (Gatwick) to Tenerife during the winter 2006/07 season. They will begin flying on 29 October 2006.

February 14th, 2006

Jet2 to fly from Belfast to Tenerife

From October 2006, Jet2 will launch a winter route from Belfast (International) to Tenerife. They will fly once per week on this route until March 2007. Tickets are already on sale for these flights.

January 26th, 2006

Jet2 connect Newcastle and Tenerife

Jet2 will launch a route from Newcastle to Tenerife from October 2006. The route is currently scheduled to run for the winter 06/07 season.

August 2nd, 2005

flyglobespan expands at Stansted

flyglobespan, the low-cost carrier based on Scotland, began competing on the Glasgow and Edinburgh to London (Stansted) routes earlier in the year.

They have announced for the winter 2005 season that they will fly 2 new routes from Stansted. They will begin flying daily to Tenerife (Sur) from 01 November 2005, and to Geneva from 22 December.

July 19th, 2005

Nexus Airways – a new British low-cost carrier?

Nexus Airways is set to be a new low-cost carrier, set up by 18 year old Daniel Reilly.

Flights are due to begin on 01 November 2005 from Liverpool to Tenerife (Sur), Fuerteventura, Arrecife (Lanzarote) and Las Palmas (Gran Canaria).

Flights will be added to our database in due course, if the operation gets off the ground.

July 12th, 2005

Thomsonfly announces winter timetable

Thomsonfly have put their winter 2005/06 timetable on sale. This includes routes to cover winter ski destinations, from Doncaster, Bournemouth and Coventry to Lyon and from Coventry and Bournemouth to Salzburg. They have also announced new routes to the Canary Islands, including flights from Bournemouth and Doncaster to Tenerife (Sur) and from Doncaster to Las Palmas (Gran Canaria).

This winter, they will also begin flying to Alicante from Bournemouth and to Amsterdam from Doncaster.

These flights are available to book now at www.thomsonfly.com.

May 5th, 2005

Leeds to Tenerife with Jet2

On 04 October 2005, Jet2 will launch a new route between Leeds (Bradford) and Tenerife (Sur). They will fly 3 times weekly.

Tickets are available to book now for this new route.

April 9th, 2005

flyglobespan winter sales begin

flyglobespan have put their winter 2005/06 seats on sale already for 3 routes, with more to be announced in the coming weeks. It is now possible to book tickets on flights from Glasgow (International) to Alicante, Malaga and Tenerife, until the end of February 2006.

flyglobespan also have tickets available on their new summer route from Edinburgh to Prague, beginning in May.

February 14th, 2005

Centralwings fly (briefly) to Tenerife

The Polish low-cost carrier, Centralwings, will fly weekly from 19 February 2005 from Warsaw to Tenerife until 26 March.

Centralwings is a part of the state airline LOT. On the surface, this looks like they are simply trying to sell some spare capacity during the winter season.

December 15th, 2004

Monarch Scheduled expand at Birmingham & Manchester

From 28 April 2005, Monarch Scheduled will add 2 new routes from Manchester to Almeria and Madrid, and new routes from Birmingham (International) to Tenerife (Sur) and Malaga.

August 12th, 2004

Monarch Scheduled adds Canary Island routes

The low-cost arm, Monarch Scheduled, of the charter carrier Monarch, has announced further expansion into the Canary Islands.

From 1 November 2004, they will launch 2 new routes from London (Luton) to Arrecife (Lanzarote) and Las Palmas (Gran Canaria). This is in addition to their already established route to Tenerife (Sur), making Luton a new hub for UK low-cost flying to the Canary Islands.

May 22nd, 2004

Sterling puts winter timetable on sale

Sterling have put their winter timetable on sale, with flights now available until the end of April 2005. New routes for the winter include Billund to Las Palmas (Gran Canaria), Arrecife (Lanzarote) and Tenerife (Sur) and Copenhagen to Arrecife (Lanzarote).

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