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August 1st, 2010

new bmibaby routes to Germany for winter

bmibaby will begin flying four routes to Germany this winter, including flights from East Midlands to Cologne-Bonn and Munich, from Cardiff to Munich and Birmingham to Cologne-Bonn. The new routes begin at the end of October 2010, with the exception of East MidlandsMunich which begins in mid-September. Book now at

March 30th, 2010

Air Berlin reopen flights to Manchester

Air Berlin will once again fly to Manchester as they launch flights from Manchester to Munich on 31 March. They will fly three times per week for the remainder of 2010. Book now at

March 28th, 2010

Vueling to launch Edinburgh and Istanbul flights

Spanish low-cost airline Vueling will begin flights from their Barcelona base to Edinburgh and Istanbul (Sabiha) this summer (from 24 June 2010). At the same time they will also launch flights between Munich and Valencia. Tickets are available at

February 18th, 2010

Three new Stockholm routes from Norwegian

Norwegian Air Shuttle will open three new routes from their Stockholm (Arlanda) base for the summer season, including flights to London (Gatwick), Edinburgh and Munich. The new routes begin from April 2010.

July 1st, 2009

New easyJet routes from Manchester to Morocco, Denmark and Germany

easyJet will launch three new routes from Manchester this winter. From the end of October 2009 they will begin flying from Manchester to Marrakech and Copenhagen. From 06 November they will also add flights from Manchester to Munich. These flights are expected to go on sale shortly.

March 2nd, 2009

New MyAir routes from Brindisi

Italian low-cost airline MyAir will launch three new routes from their Brindisi base on 01 June 2009. They will fly weekly to Munich, three times per week to Vienna and four times per week to Bologna (Guglielmo Marconi).

February 19th, 2009

New Condor routes to Agadir

Condor will begin flying three routes to Agadir from 05 May 2009. This will include flights to Agadir from Dusseldorf, Munich and Frankfurt (International). These flights can be booked now at

February 15th, 2009

13 new easyJet routes on sale

easyJet have put 13 new routes on sale across their European network. These include: London (Gatwick) to Munich, Vienna, Zurich and Bodrum, Manchester to Dalaman, Lyon to Pisa, Paris (Orly) to Dubrovnik and Faro, Milan (Malpensa) to Heraklion, Rhodos, Dubrovnik and Split and Berlin (Schoenefeld) to Cagliari.

September 24th, 2007

Two new routes from Munich

Air Berlin will begin two new routes from their Munich base on 05 November 2007. They will begin flights to both London (Stansted) and Milan (Orio al Serio). These flights are available to book now at

September 23rd, 2007

Click4Sky – a new European virtual low-cost airline

Click4Sky is a new low-cost airline created by CSA Czech Airlines. Unlike most other low-cost airlines, Click4Sky does not operate any flights – instead it is being used as a marketing brand in order to sell unsold seats on existing CSA flights. In addition, the airline will sell all seats at a fixed price. Customers travelling with Click4Sky will experience exactly the same on-board service as those travelling with CSA.

They will sell tickets on flights to 36 European destinations from their Prague hub. These will include flights to: Amsterdam, Athens, Barcelona, Belgrade, Berlin (Tegel), Bologna (Guglielmo Marconi), Bratislava, Brussels (International), Budapest, Copenhagen, Cologne-Bonn, Dublin, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt (International), Hamburg (Fuhlsbuettel), Hanover, Istanbul (Ataturk), Kosice, Krakow, Ljubljana, London (Heathrow), London (Stansted), Madrid, Manchester, Milan (Malpensa), Munich, Oslo (International), Riga, Rome (Fiumicino), Thessaloniki, Stuttgart, Tallinn, Venice (Marco Polo), Vienna, Vilnius and Zurich.

June 30th, 2007

New Air Berlin flights from Dusseldort

Air Berlin will begin three new routes from their Dusseldorf base from the beginning of November 2007. They will begin flying to Almeria, Faro and Lisbon. They will also launch flights from Palma to Lisbon and from Munich to Faro. These are all available to book now at

May 10th, 2007

New Polish routes for Norwegian

Norwegian Air Shuttle will launch two new routes from Poland. From 29 October 2007, they will begin flying from Szczecin to Oslo (International) and from Warsaw to Munich. These flights can be booked now at

May 8th, 2007

On Air – low-cost airline connections from Pescara

We have added details of On Air, a low-cost airline based at Pescara in Italy, which aims to increase the level of tourism in the Abruzzo region. They either currently or are scheduled to fly to Pescara from a number of cities across Europe, including Lviv, Kiev, Paris (Charles de Gaulle), Brussels (Charleroi), Munich, Split, Bucharest (Baneasa) and Heraklion.

April 26th, 2007

Germanwings winter 2007 schedule on sale

Germanwings have put parts of their winter 2007 flight schedule on sale. This includes, amongst others, new routes from Stuttgart to Belgrade and Kavala, and from Dortmund to Split, Zagreb and Munich.

March 28th, 2007

March 20th, 2007

Three new routes for Air Berlin

Air Berlin will launch three new routes in May 2007. These include Stuttgart to Vienna, Munich to Athens and Berlin (Tegel) to Stockholm (Arlanda). They are on sale now at

November 17th, 2006

Air Berlin to fly to Rimini

Air Berlin will begin flying to Rimini from 12 May 2007. They will begin flights from Amsterdam, Berlin (Tegel), Dusseldorf and Munich. These new routes are on sale now at

November 16th, 2006

Edinburgh to Munich is a new easyJet route

easyJet will launch a new daily flight between Edinburgh and Munich. The new daily flight, which begins on 04 April 2007, is the first new route announced by easyJet as part of their expansion plans for Edinburgh. easyJet are expected to announce more new routes for 2007 from Edinburgh in the coming weeks.

October 17th, 2006

Clickair to expand flights to London and Barcelona

clickair, the new Spanish low-cost airline, will begin flying to London (Heathrow) on 01 February 2007, and will launch an extensive operation from Barcelona in the first quarter of 2007.

They will fly from London (Heathrow) to Valencia and Seville. From Barcelona they will launch nine new routes, including flights to Malaga, Oporto, Frankfurt (International), Munich, Berlin (Tegel), Basel, Amsterdam, Dublin and Prague. This will come as a major challenge to Vueling, whose main base is at Barcelona.

October 15th, 2006

Hapag-Lloyd Express add flights to Rimini

Hapag-Lloyd Express will begin flying from their bases at Munich and Stuttgart to Rimini in Italy. Flights will begin from 15 May 2007. They will also launch a route from Hanover to Valencia at the end of March 2007. Flights on all of these new routes can be booked at

August 17th, 2006

Air Berlin buys dba

Air Berlin, the 3rd largest low-cost airline in Europe, will buy competing German low-cost airline dba. Apparently the motivation behind this move is to increase their capacity at Munich and Dusseldorf. The purchase is said to cost in the region of “mid-double-digit million” Euros.

From 01 April 2007, the airlines will offer a combined flight schedule, but will continue to operate as separate companies.

August 2nd, 2006

Reshuffle at Munich for Condor

Condor will launch 2 new routes from their base of low-cost operations, Munich, from November 2006. They will begin flying to Paris (Charles de Gaulle) and Madrid, but will discontinue flying a number of routes from Munich in the meantime.

Hapag-Lloyd Express expansion at Leipzig

From the end of October 2006, Hapag-Lloyd Express will launch new routes from Leipzig to Dusseldorf and Munich. They will also add 2 new routes from Leipzig to Salzburg and Klagenfurt from mid-December.

Flights can be booked now at

April 1st, 2006

Condor adds Munich to Budapest

From 02 May 2006, Condor will begin flying between Munich and Budapest following the low-cost model adopted on selected routes at Munich.

Flights can be booked at

March 1st, 2006

Condor added to flycheapo database

Following the announcement that Condor would launch regular and low-cost style flights from Munich, we have added these flights to the route database.

Condor currently fly from Munich to Barcelona, and in April and May will launch flights to Brussels (International), Prague, Marseille, Genoa, Naples, Pisa, Turin, Venice (Marco Polo), and Istanbul (Sabiha). These are priced as single tickets.

These flights, along with the regular Condor charter flights, can be booked at

dba to fly between Paris and Munich

Later this month, dba will launch a daily flight between Munich and Paris (Orly).

February 17th, 2006

Hapag-Lloyd Express to fly from Munich to Venice

Hapag-Lloyd Express will begin flying 6 times per week between Munich and Venice (Marco Polo) from 11 May 2006.

Flights can be booked now at

February 2nd, 2006

Norwegian to launch Munich route

From 07 May 2006, Norwegian Air Shuttle will launch a route between Oslo (International) and Munich.

October 13th, 2005

Blu-express – a new Italian low-cost airline

Further information became available today about the new low-cost subsidiary airline being started by the Italian airline, Blue Panorama.

They will launch Blu-express, based at Rome (Fiumicino), with flights beginning from 21 November 2005. They have initially made details available about 6 routes. Blu-express will initially fly to Bari and Milan (Malpensa) from November, and will launch the remaining 4 routes to Grenoble, Munich, Vienna and Nice from 15 December.

It had originally been anticipated that this airline would be called Blue Express (there still appears to be some confusion on their official web site), and it is suspected that they changed this name very recently.

August 30th, 2005

Hapag-Lloyd Express adds routes

Hapag-Lloyd Express will begin operating 3 new routes from 14 December 2005, including Munich to Bari and Naples and from Stuttgart to Stockholm (Arlanda). On 09 January 2006, they will also launch a route from Stuttgart to Milan (Malpensa).

Flights are available to book now on

August 8th, 2005

Germanwings to establish a base at Hamburg

Germanwings will make Hamburg (Fuhlsbuettel) a base from this coming winter season. They will begin flying to 9 new destinations from Fuhlsbuettel, including Istanbul (Sabiha), Krakow, London (Gatwick), Munich, Oslo, Stockholm, Toulouse, Warsaw and Zagreb.

Flights will go on sale from 6pm (CET) on 10 August 2005 at

March 11th, 2005

Germanwings make Berlin next base

Hot on the heels of easyJet‘s announcement last week that they were to expand their operation at Berlin (Schoenefeld) this September, Germanwings have announced that they will expand their operation at Schoenefeld in June.

From 05 June 2005, they will commence flying new routes to Zagreb, Split, Stockholm (Arlanda), Istanbul (Sabiha), Ankara, Munich and Dusseldorf. All of these routes are available to book immediately at

Germanwings have also announced that they will commence flying to Moscow, also in June. They are yet to confirm which airport they will fly to in Moscow. Tickets are expected to be available on this route soon in the next couple of days.

February 15th, 2005

dba link Munich and Muenster

dba will launch a new route on 04 April 2005 between Munich and Muenster.

January 20th, 2005

flynordic expands this summer

flynordic, the low-cost airline previously known as Nordic Airlink, will launch a number of new routes in March. These will include Stockholm (Arlanda) to Barcelona, Munich, Dublin, Berlin (Tegel) and Tallinn. They will also add a new route from Copenhagen to Tallinn.

December 2nd, 2004

Germania Express adds Leipzig

Germania Express will begin flying from Munich to Leipzig (Halle) on 16 January 2005. They are the first low-cost airline to make use of the Leipzig airport.

October 12th, 2004

WindJet adds German routes

Italian low-cost airline WindJet has added 2 new routes to Germany. From 06 November 2004 they will begin flying from Catania to Munich and Dusseldorf.

In addition, they will start a new route on 06 November between Palermo and Milan (Orio al Serio).

October 2nd, 2004

Hapag-Lloyd Express announce new routes for 05

Hapag-Lloyd Express have announced a selection of new routes which they will begin flying from 09 March 2005. These include Cologne-Bonn to Shannon, Newcastle and Rijeka in Croatia. They are the first airline to add Rijeka to the ‘European low-fares map’, and will also fly there from Hanover.

From Hanover they will also begin flying new routes to Stockholm (Arlanda) and Pisa. From Munich they will add routes to Newcastle, Palermo and Olbia,

In addition, on 05 December 2004 Hapag-Lloyd Express will begin a new service connecting Hamburg and Edinburgh.

August 4th, 2004

dba adds route to Hanover

In addition to their recently announced new route from Munich (Franz Josef Strauss) to Dresden, dba have also announced a new route from Munich to Hanover.

Flights will begin on this route from 13 September 2004.

July 23rd, 2004

dba announces new route Dresden – Munich

On 16 September 2004, dba will begin flying between Dresden and Munich (Franz Josef Strauss).

May 16th, 2004

New Wizz Air routes from Budapest

Wizz Air have announced that from 15 July 2004 they will begin flying from Budapest to Brussels (Charleroi) and Stockholm (Skavsta).

It would seem that Wizz, who begin flying next week, have changed their flight destinations a number of times since their original announcement to fly. A number of routes keep disappearing from their system with no official announcements, including routes to Venice (Treviso) and Munich.

April 27th, 2004

Rapid Wizz Air expansion

The new central-European startup, Wizz Air, have today announced yet more new routes all over Europe. They have expanded from Budapest, to make it a base, adding new routes to Athens, Rome (Ciampino), Girona, Paris (Beauvais), Prague and London (Luton). All of these routes begin on 24 June 2004.

They have also expanded their main base at Katowice, to include new routes to Athens, Stockholm (Skavsta), Dortmund, Paris (Beauvais), Venice and Munich. These routes will begin from 01 July 2004.

Mysteriously, their previously announced (and already on sale) route from Katowice to Berlin (Schoenefeld) has disappeared from their site.

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