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November 25th, 2011

New flybe route from Copenhagen to Stockholm

European regional low-cost airline flybe will begin operating a new route from Copenhagen in Denmark to Stockholm (Bromma) in Sweden this week. They are due to operate 18 flights per week on this route from January 2012. The new flights are already on sale at

September 22nd, 2009

Germanwings to add Copenhagen flights from Cologne

Germanwings are to begin flying to Copenhagen from their base at Cologne-Bonn next year. From 28 March 2010 they will fly six times per week on this route, with a number of onward connections available to further Germanwings destinations at Cologne-Bonn.

September 3rd, 2009

Norwegian add new routes from Copenhagen and Stockholm

Norwegian Air Shuttle have put 7 new routes on sale from their Stockholm (Arlanda) and Copenhagen bases for the winter 09/10 season. This winter they will operate flights from Copenhagen to Barcelona, Geneva and Salzburg. They will also open routes from Stockholm (Arlanda) to Barcelona, Geneva, Salzburg and Tenerife (Sur). The winter routes are available to book at

July 27th, 2009

New Dublin routes for Norwegian

Norwegian Air Shuttle will launch two new routes from Dublin to their bases at Oslo (International) and Copenhagen. The flights will begin from 20 August 2009, and at the same time they will launch some other new routes from Copenhagen to Warsaw and Rome (Fiumicino).

The new flights are available to book now at

July 1st, 2009

New easyJet routes from Manchester to Morocco, Denmark and Germany

easyJet will launch three new routes from Manchester this winter. From the end of October 2009 they will begin flying from Manchester to Marrakech and Copenhagen. From 06 November they will also add flights from Manchester to Munich. These flights are expected to go on sale shortly.

June 16th, 2009

Norwegian launch new routes from Oslo and Copenhagen

Norwegian Air Shuttle have placed new routes on sale from their Oslo (International) and Copenhagen bases. From 19 August 2009 they will begin flying from Oslo (International) to Vienna as well as Haugesund in Norway. They will launch a route from Copenhagen to Vienna at the same time.

All of these flights are available to book at

May 10th, 2009

Norwegian puts new Southern Europe flights on sale

Norwegian Air Shuttle have put two new summer routes on sale – Copenhagen to Rhodos from the end of June and from Oslo (International) to Olbia from July 2009. They have also put winter flights on sale to Las Palmas from Aalborg and Copenhagen – these begin from the end of October. All of these flights can be booked at

February 25th, 2009

New Transavia routes from Paris and Copenhagen

Dutch low-cost airline Transavia have announced three new routes from their Paris (Orly) and Copenhagen bases. From 12 April 2009 they will begin flying from Paris (Orly) to Olbia. They will also launch routes from Copenhagen to Athens (from 24 May) and Alghero (from 23 June). All three routes can be booked now at

December 18th, 2008

Norwegian to replace Sterling on Copenhagen routes

Norwegian Air Shuttle will launch a large number of new routes from Copenhagen, replacing the collapsed airline Sterling, most beginning at the end of March 2009. They will launch routes to Amsterdam, Budapest, Edinburgh, London (Gatwick), Faro, Heraklion, Krakow, Palma, Paris (Orly), Pisa, Prague and Split.

November 20th, 2008

Transavia to open Copenhagen base

Transavia, the Dutch low-cost airline, have announced that they will open a base at Copenhagen, in place of the recent bankrupted Danish airline Sterling. From 08 December 2008 they will operate 10 routes from Copenhagen including flights to Malaga, Alicante, Arrecife, Las Palmas, Tenerife (Sur), Faro, Rome (Fiumicino), Nice, Salzburg and Innsbruck.

All of these flights are available to book now at

November 19th, 2008

London Gatwick – Copenhagen with easyJet

easyJet will launch flights from London (Gatwick) to Copenhagen next year – they will begin flying this route from mid-January 2009. They are also planning to launch flights from Paris (Charles de Gaulle) to Bastia in mid-February 2009.

August 13th, 2008

Transavia to fly from Copenhagen

Transavia will begin flying a route outside their regular Dutch hub airports this winter when they launch a new route between Copenhagen and Innsbruck. From 18 December 2008 they will fly five times per week on this route for the winter season. Flights are available to book at

June 21st, 2008

Further easyJet expansion at Milan Malpensa

easyJet will add four new routes from their Milan (Malpensa) base this winter. From 01 October 2008 they will begin flying from Milan (Malpensa) to Sofia, Copenhagen, Lamezia-Terme and Brindisi.

December 23rd, 2007

New summer routes for Sterling

Sterling have put ten new routes on sale for the summer 2008 season. These include the following:

These new flights and others for summer 2008 are on sale now at

November 9th, 2007

Bergen to Copenhagen link with Sterling

Scandinavian low-cost airline Sterling will begin flights from their Copenhagen hub to Bergen next year. From 31 March 2008, they will fly up to four times per day on this route. Tickets are on sale now at

November 6th, 2007

Summer routes to Iceland

Iceland Express will operate additional summer flights to Icelandic destinations next year. These will include flights from Copenhagen to both Akureyri and Egilsstadir. They will also fly to Reykjavik from Stockholm (Arlanda) and Oslo (International).

All of these flights are scheduled to begin from 15 May 2008.

October 10th, 2007

Sterling to expand at Malmo

Sterling will launch five new routes from Malmo next year, including flights to London (Gatwick), Alicante, Barcelona, Florence and Nice. These flights will begin from the end of March 2008.

Also from 30 March, Sterling will begin flying from Copenhagen to Murcia and Valencia, and from Stockholm (Arlanda) to Florence, Rome (Fiumicino) and Murcia.

Tickets are available to purchase for these new flights at

September 23rd, 2007

Click4Sky – a new European virtual low-cost airline

Click4Sky is a new low-cost airline created by CSA Czech Airlines. Unlike most other low-cost airlines, Click4Sky does not operate any flights – instead it is being used as a marketing brand in order to sell unsold seats on existing CSA flights. In addition, the airline will sell all seats at a fixed price. Customers travelling with Click4Sky will experience exactly the same on-board service as those travelling with CSA.

They will sell tickets on flights to 36 European destinations from their Prague hub. These will include flights to: Amsterdam, Athens, Barcelona, Belgrade, Berlin (Tegel), Bologna (Guglielmo Marconi), Bratislava, Brussels (International), Budapest, Copenhagen, Cologne-Bonn, Dublin, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt (International), Hamburg (Fuhlsbuettel), Hanover, Istanbul (Ataturk), Kosice, Krakow, Ljubljana, London (Heathrow), London (Stansted), Madrid, Manchester, Milan (Malpensa), Munich, Oslo (International), Riga, Rome (Fiumicino), Thessaloniki, Stuttgart, Tallinn, Venice (Marco Polo), Vienna, Vilnius and Zurich.

June 30th, 2007

Evolavia begins flights to Copenhagen

Evolavia, the low-cost airline base at Ancona airport, have begun flying to Copenhagen. They are due to fly weekly on this route until the beginning of August 2007.

May 29th, 2007

Scandinavian flights from Nottingham East Midlands

Sterling will begin flying to East Midlands from their Scandinavian bases. From the end of October 2007, they will launch flights to East Midlands from Oslo (International), Copenhagen and Stockholm (Arlanda). They will also launch flights between London (Gatwick) and Oslo (International) at the same time.

May 15th, 2007

New Sterling flights for winter

This winter, Sterling will begin a number of new routes from their Scandinavian bases. From the end of October 2007, they will begin flying to Dortmund from Stockholm (Arlanda), Copenhagen and Oslo (International). From mid-December they will begin flying to Salzburg from Stockholm (Arlanda) and Oslo (International), and to Chambery from Stockholm (Arlanda), Copenhagen, Oslo (International), Billund and Gothenburg (Landvetter). These flights are on sale now at

May 2nd, 2007

Stering to fly to Brussels

Scandinavian low-cost airline Sterling will begin flying to Brussels (International) from their various bases in Scandinavia. From the end of October 2007, they will begin flying to Brussels (International) from Stockholm (Arlanda), Oslo (International) and Copenhagen.

They will also launch new flights from Gothenburg (Landvetter) to Las Palmas and from Copenhagen to Funchal. All of these flights can be booked now at

February 10th, 2007

Sterling flights to Biarritz

Scandinavian low-cost airline Sterling will begin flights to Biarritz. From 14 May 2007, they will launch flights to Biarritz from Copenhagen and Oslo (International). They also launch flights between Copenhagen and Edinburgh at the same time. Flights are on sale at

January 16th, 2007

Sterling flights between Copenhagen and Berlin

Sterling will begin flights from their Copenhagen base to Berlin (Tegel) from the end of March 2007. They will fly twice per day on this new route. Flights can be booked now at

November 28th, 2006

Iceland Express to launch flights to Egilsstadir

Iceland Express will begin flying to the town of Egilsstadir in Eastern Iceland. From June 2007, they will operate a summer service between Copenhagen and Egilsstadir twice per week.

October 11th, 2006

New Sterling routes

Sterling will launch 3 new routes from 19 March 2007, including London (Gatwick) to Stockholm (Arlanda), Copenhagen to Split and Copenhagen to Bourgas. Flights can be booked now at

August 1st, 2006

Low-cost flights from Aalborg with Sterling

Scandinavian low-cost airline Sterling will begin flying from the Danish city of Aalborg from 18 September 2006. They will launch flights from Aalborg to Copenhagen, London (Gatwick) and Malaga. Tickets can be booked now at

July 17th, 2006

Warsaw to Copenhagen with Norwegian

Norwegian Air Shuttle will add another route from Warsaw, illustrating further commitment to expansion in Poland. From 29 October 2006, they will begin flying between Copenhagen and Warsaw.

Flights can be booked at

July 5th, 2006

Sterling to fly to Poland

Following the recent expansion into Poland by fellow Scandinavian low-cost airline Norwegian Air Shuttle, Sterling will begin flying between their Copenhagen base and Krakow from 19 September 2006. Flights can be booked now at

February 5th, 2006

Iceland Express to launch flights to Akureyri

From 30 May 2006, Iceland Express will launch a twice-weekly flight from Copenhagen to Akureyri. This route currently appears to be for summer only.

Akureyri is the capital of northern Iceland, and according to Iceland Express the airport is within walking distance of the town centre. In their words, ‘from the airport on your own two feet, costs nothing and is good for you’.

February 23rd, 2005

Sterling and flynordic to cooperate

Sterling and flynordic have announced a strategic alliance, they will begin route-sharing on a number of routes and have started cooperating on flight sales.

This will see flynordic operate flights from Stockholm (Arlanda) to Berlin (Tegel), Barcelona, Bordeaux, Budapest and Dublin, and they will also operate the route from Copenhagen to Tallinn.

Sterling will be operating flights from Arlanda to Alicante, Barcelona, Malaga, Nice and Prague. They will also cooperate on their route from Gothenburg to Copenhagen.

February 2nd, 2005

Sterling connects Copenhagen and Amsterdam

Sterling will begin flying a new route from Copenhagen to Amsterdam on 01 May 2005. They will use this route from Amsterdam to interconnect flights from their bases at Oslo, Stockholm (Arlanda), Gothenburg (Landvetter) and Billund.

A reminder that only direct low-cost routes appear in the cheap0 database at the present time.

January 28th, 2005

Iceland Express increases summer frequency

From 21 May 2005, Iceland Express will increase the frequency of flights from Copenhagen (Kastrup) and London (Stansted) to Reykjavik to twice daily.

January 20th, 2005

flynordic expands this summer

flynordic, the low-cost airline previously known as Nordic Airlink, will launch a number of new routes in March. These will include Stockholm (Arlanda) to Barcelona, Munich, Dublin, Berlin (Tegel) and Tallinn. They will also add a new route from Copenhagen to Tallinn.

December 12th, 2004

Sterling adds 7 new summer routes

Sterling have put 7 new routes on sale for summer 2005, including flights to Montpelier from their bases at Billund, Copenhagen (Kastrup), Stockholm (Arlanda) and Gothenburg (Landvetter). In addition they have will launch new routes from Oslo to Athens and Edinburgh and also Copenhagen to Edinburgh.

These new routes commence from May, although some begin later and only run for the summer season. Check their schedules for full details, as many of the flights are only once or twice per week.

September 6th, 2004

easyJet launch new Bristol – Valencia route

easyJet chose not to continue flying their routes from Bristol to Copenhagen and Bilbao this winter season, however they have just announced that they will begin flying a new route from Bristol to Valencia this winter. The route commences on 03 November 2004 and tickets are on sale now.

May 22nd, 2004

Sterling puts winter timetable on sale

Sterling have put their winter timetable on sale, with flights now available until the end of April 2005. New routes for the winter include Billund to Las Palmas (Gran Canaria), Arrecife (Lanzarote) and Tenerife (Sur) and Copenhagen to Arrecife (Lanzarote).

May 20th, 2004

EUjet plans British budget launch for September 04

EUjet have announced, after a much anticipated wait, that they will begin a budget operation primarily based at Kent (Manston), an airport the owners would like to see dubbed as ‘London-Manston’. They will also have a 2nd hub at Shannon in Ireland.

From Manston, EUjet are scheduled to fly to a range of destinations in Europe, flights beginning in September include: Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Dublin, Faro, Girona, Jersey, Murcia, Nice and Prague.

Further routes are due to begin from Manston in October, including: Edinburgh, Glasgow, Madrid, Malaga, Manchester, Milan (Malpensa) and Palma (Mallorca). Their final batch of new routes (still from Manston!) are scheduled to take-off in December, including: Geneva, Salzburg, Toulouse, Turin and Zurich.

Their routes from Shannon are due to begin from September (again over a period of months), to Dublin, Geneva, Malaga and Murcia.

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