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August 30th, 2007

New routes from Bremen and winter flights for Ryanair

Ryanair will launch two new routes from their Bremen base at the end of October 2007. They will launch flights to both Alicante and Palma. They have also put three new winter routes on sale from Bournemouth to Milan (Orio al Serio), Liverpool to Friedrichshafen, and Stockholm (Skavsta) to Grenoble.

August 27th, 2007

Sky Europe to flights between Prague and Vienna

Sky Europe will begin flying daily from Prague to Vienna this winter. Flights on this route are due to begin on 01 November 2007.

Transavia adds winter flights from Rotterdam

Transavia have put four winter new winter routes on sale from their Rotterdam base. From 20 December 2007 they will fly from Rotterdam to Innsbruck, Salzburg, Geneva and Grenoble. These flights can be booked now at www.transavia.com.

August 26th, 2007

Centralwings to fly to Manchester

centralwings will begin flying from Warsaw to Manchester this winter. From 28 October 2007 they will fly four times per week from their Polish base. These flights are on sale now at www.centralwings.com.

Leeds to Hamburg flights with Jet2

Jet2, the low-cost airline based at Leeds Bradford, will begin flying from Leeds Bradford to Hamburg (Luebeck) next year. They will fly four times per week for the summer season, with flights beginning on 28 April 2008.

Ryanair to charge passengers to check-in

The latest addition of charges for low-cost travellers comes from Ryanair, who have decided to charge passengers for making use of check-in facilities at airports. From 20 September 2007, all passengers making new reservations will have to pay a fee of £2 (€3) per passenger journey to use the airport check-in facilities.

Passengers will be able to check-in online for free, but this is only an option for those with hand luggage only. Those who wish to travel with hold luggage will have to pay the new charge, in addition to the charges already imposed by the airline for hold luggage.

Norwegian to open base at new low-cost Oslo airport

Norwegian Air Shuttle, currently based at Oslo (International), will begin flying from the new low cost airport for the city, Oslo (Rygge), next year. They will begin flights there from mid-February 2008, and destinations from Oslo (Rygge) will include: London (Stansted), Alicante, Barcelona, Valencia, Malaga, Marrakech, Warsaw, Szczecin, Palanga, Budapest, Istanbul (Sabiha), Athens, Belgrade and Bergen.

These flights are on sale now at www.norwegian.no.

August 23rd, 2007

Paris to Bologna with Vueling

Spanish low-cost airline Vueling will begin flights from Paris (Charles de Gaulle) to Bologna (Guglielmo Marconi). They will fly four times per week on this route from 28 October 2007. Flights are available for booking at www.vueling.com.

August 21st, 2007

Transavia launch routes for winter

Transavia have put three new routes on sale for the winter season from their Amsterdam base. They will begin flying twice per week to La Palma and Fuerteventura from 01 November, and also to Innsbruck from 20 December. These flights are available to book at www.transavia.com.

Two new easyJet routes to Germany and Spain

easyJet have put two new routes on sale today from their London (Luton) and East Midlands bases. They will begin flying from London (Luton) to Hamburg (Fuhlsbuettel) from 05 November 2007, and from East Midlands to Palma from 08 February 2008. These flights are available to book now.

August 16th, 2007

Additional Ryanair routes from Dublin this winter

Ryanair will launch six new routes from their Dublin base this winter. During October and November 2007 they will begin flights to Basel, Nice, Prague, Szczecin, Katowice and Budapest. These flights are available to book now.

Wizz Air to fly from Dortmund to Transylvania

Wizz Air will begin flying from their Dortmund base to Tirgu Mures in Transylvania, Romania. They will begin flying three times per week on this route from 25 February 2008.

Ryanair to expand at Madrid

From the end of October 2007, Ryanair will begin flying six new routes from their Madrid base. This will include flights to Santander, Girona, Cagliari, Alghero, Liverpool and Frankfurt (Hahn).

August 11th, 2007

Lulea to Kiruna link with FlyNordic

flynordic will begin a Swedish domestic flights from Lulea to Kiruna. They will fly six times per week on this route from 28 October 2007.

Wizz Air to begin flying to Gatwick

The Central European low-cost airline, Wizz Air, will begin flying to London (Gatwick) next year. From 31 January 2008, they will begin daily flights from their base in Katowice, Poland, to London (Gatwick). This will bring the number of routes that they offer from Katowice to 25.

Valencia and Alicante to become Ryanair bases

Ryanair will open their 21st and 22nd bases this year at Alicante and Valencia airports, in Spain. They will add new routes from Alicante during November and December 2007, including flights to Karlsruhe-Baden, Basel, Billund, Bournemouth, Brussels (Charleroi), Doncaster, East Midlands, Gothenburg (Saeve), Maastricht, Milan (Orio al Serio) and Paris (Beauvais).

They will add new routes from Valencia in October, to make this their 22nd base. The new routes include flights to Karlsruhe-Baden, Basel, Billund, Bologna (Forli), Eindhoven, Liverpool, Malta, Maastricht, Paris (Beauvais), Oporto and Santiago de Compostela.

August 10th, 2007

easyJet to fly to Bulgaria and seven new routes

easyJet will begin flying to the Bulgarian capital, Sofia, this winter. They will begin flying three times per week from London (Gatwick) 06 November 2007. They have also put new routes on sale from Liverpool to Innsbruck and Lisbon, from Basel to Marrakech and Oporto and from both Milan (Malpensa) and Geneva to Marrakech.

August 7th, 2007

Blu-Express to fly from Catania to Rome

Blu-express will begin flying from their Rome (Fiumicino) base to Catania. They will operate daily flights on this route, beginning on 28 October 2007. These new routes are available to book now at www.blu-express.com.

Two winter flights from Doncaster

Thomsonfly have put two new flights on sale from their Doncaster hub for the winter 2007/08 season. They will fly weekly to Salzburg and Geneva. These flights can be booked now at www.thomsonfly.com.

August 6th, 2007

easyJet and Wizz Air to charge for luggage

easyJet and Wizz Air are the latest airlines to announce that they will begin charging for all hold luggage. easyJet will impose the new charges, of £2 (€3) per bag per single journey, on all new bookings for travel from 01 October 2007.

Wizz Air will begin charging £2.50 per bag per journey for on all new bookings for travel from 27 October.

New winter destinations from Warsaw

Wizz Air will begin two new routes from their Warsaw base this winter. This will include a weekly flight to Grenoble (from 26 November 2007) and a weekly flight to Milan (Orio al Serio) (beginning 03 December).

August 5th, 2007

Birmingham to Bratislava with Sky Europe

Sky Europe, the low-cost airline based at Bratislava will begin flying to Birmingham. They will operate flights three times per week on this route from 28 October 2007.

Another Wizz Air route from Bucharest

Wizz Air will add another new route from their Bucharest (Baneasa) base next February. They will begin flying between Bucharest (Baneasa) and Venice (Treviso) from 28 February 2008.

Sky Europe to begin flying to Timisoara

Sky Europe will begin flights to Timisoara from their Vienna base this winter. They will fly four times per week on this route from 28 October 2007.

Four new easyJet routes from Belfast

easyJet continue to add new routes from their Belfast (International) base. From the end of October 2007, they will begin flying from Belfast (International) to Venice (Marco Polo), Prague, Gdansk and Barcelona. At the same time, they will also launch flights from their Milan (Malpensa) base to Olbia and Cagliari, and from Glasgow (International) to Paris (Charles de Gaulle).

August 1st, 2007

easyJet and flybe introduce transparent pricing

Both easyJet and flybe are paving the way in transparent pricing for low-cost airlines. Both airlines have begun displaying fully inclusive fares throughout their web sites. Most other low-cost airlines do not report taxes and charges until later stages of booking, meaning that it is often time consuming to compare fares.

Warsaw to Grenoble with Centralwings

centralwings will begin weekly flights from their Warsaw base to Grenoble this winter. They will begin flying this route from the beginning of December 2007. Flights can be booked now at www.centralwings.com.

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