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July 27th, 2004

Ryanair becomes the first budget airline to fly to Latvia

Many people have been waiting for Ryanair to announce new routes further east into Europe after an initial early promise to do so by the airline. Today, Ryanair have done just that by announcing new routes to Riga, making them the first budget airline to fly to the recent EU-addition, Latvia, and the first budget airline to fly from the UK to any of the Baltic states.

Ryanair will begin flights to Riga on 31 October from London (Stansted), Frankfurt (Hahn) and Tampere.

In addition, Ryanair have added 2 further destinations to the budget-flying map, Santander and Zaragoza in Spain. They will fly to Zaragoza from London (Stansted) (beginning 01 December 2004) and to Santander from London (Stansted), Rome (Ciampino) and Frankfurt (Hahn) (beginning 20 September 2004).

bmibaby announces new routes from Birmingham

Further to their announcement last week that they were due to form a new base at Birmingham (International), bmibaby have today announced the 9 new routes they will be flying from 7 January 2005 from Birmingham. These include: Alicante, Knock, Amsterdam, Belfast (International), Edinburgh, Geneva, Malaga, Palma (Mallorca) and Prague.

This new base is in addition to their already-established hub at East Midlands.

July 26th, 2004

MyTravel Lite announces Summer 2005 schedule

MyTravel Lite have today begun selling their schedule for Summer 2005. This includes a new route from Birmingham (International) to Ibiza. They begin flying on 01 May 2005.

July 24th, 2004

New Norwegian routes from Oslo

Norwegian have announced that they will begin flying 2 new routes on 15 January 2005 from Oslo to Turin and Salzburg. Flights are on sale now.

easyJet announce more new routes

In the next stage of the roll-out of their winter timetable, easyJet have announced yet more previously unannounced new routes from their new based, Berlin (Schoenefeld). From 31 October 2004, they will be flying to Ljubljana, Geneva, Krakow and Madrid. In addition, they have also announced a new route from Dortmund to Belfast (International).

These flights are on sale now, along with a large amount of their winter timetable.

July 23rd, 2004

Upgraded to WordPress 1.2

We’ve just upgraded the system used for handling news here at cheap0 to WordPress 1.2, let’s hope it all works fine.

There are plenty of changes in process, in the coming weeks you can expect a complete redesign of the site, added functionality, better mapping and more accurate data. Keep your eyes peeled.

dba announces new route Dresden – Munich

On 16 September 2004, dba will begin flying between Dresden and Munich (Franz Josef Strauss).

Air Polonia announces new UK routes

From 31 October 2004, Polish-based budget carrier Air Polonia are due to begin flying from Szczecin (Goleniow) and Bydgoszcz to London (Stansted).

July 22nd, 2004

bmibaby expands into Birmingham (International)

bmibaby have announced that from the beginning of 2005, they will make Birmingham (International) a new British hub. They are due to begin flying 20 new routes, which they claim will be in addition to the services already flying from East Midlands airport.

They are due to announce the new routes next week. Perhaps bmibaby will be able to fill a void at Birmingham (International), left by the demise of duo earlier this year.

Ryanair expands Luton as new UK hub

Ryanair has announced a major expansion at London (Luton). Ryanair have been flying from Luton since 1986, and will from 19 January 2005, add 9 new routes from London (Luton).

The new routes include Girona, Reus, Dinard, Murcia, Nimes, Rome (Ciampino), Venice (Treviso), Stockholm (Vasteras) and Esbjerg.

Perhaps this could be the beginning of a shift away from London (Stansted) as the favourite airport for low-cost flying in Europe. While Stansted is perfectly capable of taking the capacity of budget airlines, it is a frequent complaint that it is too expensive to travel there by public transport, with flights often costing less than a train ticket from London.

July 19th, 2004

Wizz Air expansion

The Hungarian budget airline Wizz Air have revealed a number of new routes which they will begin flying from 15 September 2004. These include Warsaw to Dortmund, Brussels (S. Charleroi) and Malmo. In fact, Malmo becomes a new hub for Wizz, also with new flights to Katowice, Budapest and Gdansk. In addition, they have announced a new route from Budapest to Milan (Orio al Serio).

It also seems that Wizz‘s planned route from Prague to Budapest has also been cancelled without a trace of information.

In line with other budget airlines, Wizz have raised their hand luggage allowance to 10kg, currently putting their hand luggage limits on a par with Ryanair, but not as large as easyJet‘s ‘as much as you can carry’ policy.

Coventry connected with Cologne

Hapag-Lloyd Express have announced the launch of a new route between Coventry and Cologne-Bonn in their winter timetable, beginning November 2004.

July 17th, 2004

easyJet winter timetable

easyJet have begun the sale of their winter timetable in stages, this includes a number of new routes not previously announced. These new routes include Bristol and Newcastle to Geneva and Rome (Ciampino), Geneva to Alicante, Madrid and Rome (Ciampino), and Paris (Orly) to Madrid.

These routes begin in November 2004 and are on sale now (up until the end of March 2004), with more to be released.

July 13th, 2004

Thomsonfly announce new routes for winter

Thomsonfly have announced that their winter timetable (from November 2004) will include a range of new destinations from their hub at Coventry. The new destinations include Cork, Shannon, Amsterdam, Alicante, Salzburg and Grenoble.

No doubt this means a number of routes from their summer schedule will disappear, although they have not yet been announced.

easyJet announce new Eastern European routes

easyJet have today revealed that they will begin flying a further 6 routes in Eastern Europe, from 31 October 2004, bringing their total number of routes in Eastern and Central Europe up to 17.

The new routes include London (Luton) to Warsaw and Krakow, Dortmund to Krakow, and routes between Budapest and Bristol, Newcastle and Geneva. In addition, they will increase the frequency of their service between Budapest and London (Luton).

easyJet have promised even further expansion into Eastern Europe, unlike Ryanair who, despite early promises, are yet to expand in this direction at all.

July 11th, 2004

JetX – new Italian budget carrier

Europe welcomes yet another new budget airline – the Italian-based carrier, JetX, began flying on 02 July 2004.

They have bases in Pisa, Trieste and Bologna (Forli). They are flying to a range of destinations including Paris (Charles de Gaulles), Athens, Zakinthos, Ibiza and Olbia.

EUjet annoucnes new route to Faro

From 19 September 2004, the new budget start-up EUjet will begin flying from Shannon to Faro.

V-Bird announce new route to Stockholm

From 09 July 2004, V-Bird are flying a new route from Niederrhein to Stockholm (Arlanda). Seats are available now, available until the end of March 2005, along with part of their winter schedule.

July 10th, 2004

flybe announces new UK domestic routes

In addition to their previously announced new route from Southampton to Newcastle, flybe will begin new routes from Southampton to Manchester and from Exeter to Newcastle. Services begin from November 2004.

MyTravel Lite announces routes to Canary Islands

MyTravel Lite have announced that this winter they will begin flights from Birmingham (International) to Arrecife (Lanzarote) and Las Palmas (Gran Canaria). Flights will commence on 31 October 2004.

July 6th, 2004

SmartWings announce new route to Rome

As of 1 September 2004, SmartWings will begin flying from Prague to Rome (Ciampino).

easyJet removes hand luggage weight restriction

In response to Ryanair increasing their hand luggage allowance, easyJet have scrapped their limit on the weight of hand luggage altogether. From 12 July 2004, passengers may have a carry on bag which is as heavy as they can carry (and put in the overhead lockers!), as long as it does not exceed 55 x 40 x 20cm in size.

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