Cheap flights to Germany from Sibiu

This page contains all of the low-cost airline routes between Sibiu and Germany.

Blue Air flies from Sibiu to Stuttgart. (view detail)

Blue Air flies from Sibiu to Cologne-Bonn. (view detail)

Facts about Sibiu airport (Romania)

Distance to Sibiu from the airport: 2 km / 2 miles
Number of low-cost airline routes: 4
Nearest major settlements: Râmnicu Vâlcea (78 km / 49 miles)
Târgu-Mureş (92 km / 57 miles)
Tirgu Mures (92 km / 57 miles)
Braşov (118 km / 73 miles)
Nearest airports: Tirgu Mures (88 km / 55 miles)
Cluj-Napoca (116 km / 72 miles)
Bucharest (Otopeni) (211 km / 131 miles)
note that all distances are as the crow flies, and not road distances
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