Cheap flights with Snowflake

Snowflake was formerly a low-cost airline, but is no longer operating flights.

Facts about Snowflake

Snowflake was launched as a low-cost airline subsidiary of SAS/Scandinavian in March 2003. They flew to a diverse selection of locations across Europe, including the Adriatic coast and Russia.

In 2004, SAS decided to cease operating Snowflake as a 'real' airline, and simply used it as a low-cost brand for seats on their regular flights.

Snowflake gradually disappeared, and today, all operations are carried out by SAS. There is virtually no distinction between Snowflake and SAS, and no commitment to low fares.

There are currently no low-cost airline routes operated by Snowflake.


Snowflake is no longer operating low-cost flights. You may wish to view the index of all routes to see if an alternative airline can satisfy your flight requirements.

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